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Do you treat patients with severe health problems and chronic illness?

My practice is consultative.  This means I can certainly help you manage complex health conditions, but I am not a Primary Care Provider.  Persons with chronic, complex health concerns should remain under the care of their PCP- and, with your permission, I will ensure the PCP is kept informed of our shared efforts to move you closer to your best health.

Does Intentionally Well provide emergency medical services?

If you need emergency medical treatment, you must call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest Emergency Department. Once your condition has stabilized, however, be sure to follow up with us for nutritional support to help your body heal more quickly!

What do I have to do to work with you?

The premise of my practice is that your choices impact your health. If you are not well, it is because you have not been mindful about your choices. To be Intentionally Well, you must actively participate in planning for your well-being, acting everyday in accordance with your personalized health plan, and bringing mindful awareness to your body's responses to your choices.

This approach is not for the person seeking a quick fix. We are about long term changes, sustained through community.  If that sounds like something you are ready to commit to, then I know that we will create some profound changes!

What will my first session be like?

Functional Medicine is different than most medical experiences you have had before.  Because we seek to understand the root cause of your illness, your health history is very important to me.  We will spend a good bit of time mapping out your health story.  As your story informs my assessment, we will formulate a list of priorities for your well-being. You will have a thorough physical  examination. Together we will identify the initial steps you will focus on in your journey to be Intentionally Well. Please plan for 90 minutes together.

Will I be able to get started immediately after my first appointment?

Yes, you will be able to start your program immediately. However, there is a lot to learn. As you learn more, you will become more comfortable with your program.

How long will it take for me to start feeling better?

You may notice a difference within a few days or it may take weeks or months. Each person heals differently depending on your particular symptoms and causes and how closely you adhere to your treatment plan.

Know that there is no quick fix for treating systemic illnesses.  The goal is to achieve permanent resolution, not just to minimize your symptoms until they return again.  Excellent health is a way of life and a reflection of lifestyle which is comprised of the choices we make every day.

Schedule an appointment today and start your journey back to wellness and vitality.

When does the program end and I am healed?

Once your body chemistry is balanced, the symptoms that once bothered you will start to disappear. The amount of time this takes varies from person to person because we all have different genetics and differing degrees of imbalance in our body chemistry. Once your body chemistry is balanced, you will transition to a maintenance program that will keep your body chemistry balanced and keep you feeling energetic.

Can I use my health insurance, health savings account or flexible spending account to pay Intentionally Well?

I am an enrolled provider in Medicare but not in network for any of the Advantage plans. I will bill Medicare for any covered services that meet the medical necessity requirements. Unfortunately, Functional Medicine approaches, being aimed at improving health, are often considered not medically necessary.  You will be required to sign an advanced beneficiary notice for such services and will be personally responsible for payment.

I am not a contracted provider for any other insurance companies but we will provide you with a bill suitable for submission to your insurance company under your out-of-network benefits. This bill can also be submitted to health savings or reimbursement accounts. I am also interested in working with your shared cost plan if that is the coverage you have elected. Of course I also accept direct payment from the uninsured. You are responsible for payment for services rendered at the time of your visit.  We do offer payment plans and membership programs in an effort to keep our services affordable for you. 

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