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Autumn is Asking “Are You Intentionally Well?”

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

It's Autumn and this season has always inspired me with the clear changes it brings. After Summer passes, Autumn advances carrying the invitation to draw inward, to seek warmth, to take care. I have never been more driven toward self-care than I am now. After a rewarding and whirlwind first two months spent starting to bring folks together who seek and wish to pursue Intentional Wellness, I received a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes from my primary care doctor. In the past, as a practitioner, I have handed this very diagnosis to people and passed the ball to a diabetic specialist to help coach my patients in managing their lifestyles. Now, it's me receiving the news and the order to alter this or that about my routine. It has been daunting for me! I am a Master's prepared nurse practitioner and finding the right direction and making meaningful change has been isolating and stressful, so I am now aware of how hard it is for the average person to do the same. This challenge led me to this: My call is to bring people the information needed to connect with and heal their bodies. My commitment to this path has been solidified. I am proud to step out as a functional medicine practitioner in a small community and walk with people as they - we- learn to live better. As I turn inward to find my own path to recovery from my metabolic syndrome of obesity, insulin resistance, elevated blood glucose and chronic inflammation, I will be turning toward our fledgling community of those who choose to be Intentionally Well. I will turn to you to share what I am learning- as a patient and as a student of Functional Medicine. And I will turn to you to help me create a community of support.

We have thoughtfully pulled together people in our community who have been called to wellness and we will continue to do so. Some, like myself, have the mission of guiding people through managing their metabolic disorder; some have the mission of helping people find relief from pain and distress with sound healing (learn about Barbara Spaulding, who has already helped members of our community); some have the mission of encouraging people to move their bodies properly and sustainably (see Yoga Therapist Laurel Tyler's class The Resilient Gardener); some have the mission of bringing the healing power of self-love to people's lives (see Coach Carol Baxter's class Finding True Center: Create the Life You Desire), some have the mission of inspiring people to connect with Nature and her remarkable healing potential (see Herbalist Gina Kearney's class Herbal Drinks & Healing Elixirs); some have the mission of empowering people to create organic gardens to feed themselves clean, whole food (we'll be working with Raj of Raj Naturals and his wife who is a healer from Haiti, honoring her grandmother's legacy of herbal healing, she makes remedies from local plants). As Intentionally Well grows, we will find more amazing people in the community who have a mission that fits with ours!

Maybe you're feeling inspired to make a shift or to continue to follow a healthy path you've started walking. Autumn is a time of taking stock and setting your sites on new intentions.

I am pleased to be setting mine.

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