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Shaking the Bed

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

When you're ready to make a change or you're contemplating whether you're ready to make a change, it's like that moment when you're deciding whether you want to get out of bed and start your day or hit snooze and stay tucked in. This week we're talking about Shaking the Bed. You know when someone is sleeping too late and you approach their bed and give it a good shake in an attempt to rouse them? Or perhaps you've been the over-sleeper who wakes suddenly to someone interrupting your slumber in this way.

Bringing Functional Medicine to the mainstream is like shaking the bed that is modern medicine. When we wake up to the truth that we can address the root cause of our dis-ease by understanding why we are ill, we realize we can decide so much more about our health and our future.

When someone shakes the bed, or you connect to some new information- by attending a Garden In Your Gut Class, for instance, you can think of that time of gaining knowledge as a moment of standing before a staircase. Read our Health Intuition post for more about the staircase that leads to easy Intuition about your Health.

As we meet people through Intentionally Well, we realize everyone is in a different place and they need different things- some of you are further along than me in terms of Nutrition, for instance. So where are you starting from on this journey with us? A truth I think we can all agree on is that the proper place to start from is where you are.

Where we all are is very close to the holidays. This is not the best time to make major diet and exercise commitments. If it is available to you and you feel called to make little adjustments, perhaps start to track your daily self nourishment- food and self care- to determine where you are now. Allow yourself the time and space to choose where to put your energy. Can you up your intake of antioxidants by "eating the rainbow" by adding more colorful vegetables at every meal? Or perhaps pay attention to how you feel after a high-carb dinner or a celebration where you indulge in alcohol? Maybe these holidays bring an opportunity to improve some relationships, exercise your forgiveness muscles or practice patience with compassion? What we are encouraging you to do now is very simple. Work on clearing any emotions related to where you are in this moment- accept and acknowledge where you're starting from. Bring Mindful Awareness to where you are in this moment. The Wheel of Health can be a great resource when you're considering where you are now.

This waking can feel overwhelming as we accept the truth and consequences of past choices. For that reason, we encourage a small change, join our community or sign up for a class to begin your journey to your optimal health- one small step at a time.

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